Treasure Hunt Destinations - Bologna

Excitance is at it’s peak as the daring hunt begins in the mystical streets of Bologna. Pair forces with your group and work out to decode hints, discovering concealed treasures together with a journey to the city’s historic destinations. Reinforce your interpersonal relations around Bologna that is filled with cultural experience, excellent meals, and hospitable environment. Improve communication, problem-solving and team skillset as you savor the splendorous pleasure of discovery. Form undeletable bonds with your team during this thrilling, energizing team-building experience in Bologna, at every step of which new revelations pop up.

  • Outdoor team building activity in Bologna.
  • Treasure hunt in the historical center of Bologna.
  • The activity can accommodate a range of 9 to 300 participants.
  • The duration of the team event is 2 to 3 hours.